Divergent Discs StayPut Golem First Run

Divergent Discs StayPut Golem First Run

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The Golem is an overstable putt & approach disc. It has a flat top and a comfortable grip for both backhand and forehand throws. As an overstable putter it will provide a straight flight with no turn and a consistent fade. The Golem can also handle most windy conditions without drastically changing its flight path. It is released in unique Stayput silicone rubber so that it avoids most skips and slides once it lands, plus the material provides a very good grip.FLIGHT NUMBERS 4 / 2 / 0 / 4

The plastic used for the Alpas and Golem is actually a Silicone blend similar to rubber. We call this plastic blend “StayPut” plastic. It is ultra soft, flexible, and designed to “Stay Put” next to the basket without skipping or bouncing. This unique golf disc material will save you strokes by keeping you near the basket.

Warning StayPut Discs May Break:

StayPut plastic can become brittle in cold weather. We advise against using these discs when outside temperatures are cold as discs can break on impact. Some discs also may break on impact. Do not fold in half as this also can damage your disc making it unusable.

Quantity Manufactured = 1500

Artwork by Aubrey Durrant


The Golem in StayPut rubber from Divergent Discs was the 68th disc in the VIP Series. It featured an exclusive “candy cane” red and white design with a cheerful holiday Golem stamp. This is the first run release of the Golem, exclusively to the VIP Club, several weeks ahead of the public release which followed in the early spring of 2022. The VIP Club will forever have the first run Golem overstable approach putter.