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The Pursuit is an over-stable mid-range that will accept the challenge of a stiff head wind and fight through it with confidence. This disc delivers pin point accuracy and dependability. The Pursuit was designed for players to power their mid range up the fairway in any condition and still maintain a controlled distance. We designed the Pursuit to have a flat top for a comfortable grip. With this disc, both back hand and forehand throwers will be able to take advantage of its similarity to a driver power grip but with that special mid range distance. This utility disc is all you need to bring your mid range game to the next level. 

FLIGHT NUMBERS 5 / 3 / 0 / 3

From Legacy Discs:

Our Pinnacle Edition Is Very Durable. Has A Higher Speed Of Flight Than Our Base Line Plastics. The Flight Patterns Are Consistent Throughout Various Weather Conditions. One Of The Advantages To Having The Pinnacle Edition Disc In Your Bag Is That It Is Durable. This Plastic Has A Long Life Span In Which Enables A Golfer To Be Confident In Knowing Exactly What His Disc Will Do. The Other Advantage Is That There Is Not A Big Hook At The End Of Each Throw But Instead A Slow Curve.