Lone Star Alpha Glow Spur - Alamo stamp

Lone Star Alpha Glow Spur - Alamo stamp

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The Spur is an overstable fairway driver whose flight pattern fits snugly between the Chupacabra and Mad Cat. It is notably torque resistant, and puts stiff headwinds to shame without being oppressively overstable. The Spur has a place in every player's bag

FLIGHT NUMBERS: 9 / 4 / 0 / 3

reinvented bar stamp

Lone Star's plastics explained:

V1 is a soft, gummy, malleable plastic that is excellent at grabbing chains.
V2 has all of the great qualities of V1 but is a much stiffer plastic.

Both V1 and V2 plastic will float in water!

Alpha is durable, smooth, and tough.

Bravo shares the same qualities as Alpha but is more flexible.

Lima is lightweight and biodegradable.

Alpha Glow has a similar feel to Alpha but it shines brightly when charged using a UV Blacklight.

Bravo and Glow are slightly more torque resistant, Alpha is true to flight numbers.