Lone Star Delta II D2 Houston - mission stamp

Lone Star Delta II D2 Houston - mission stamp

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The Houston named after Sam Houston is the midrange that fits between the Ranger and Middy! 

It features a deeper grip profile for forehand or backhand. The flight is a smoother fade than the Middy but still has dependable fade. 

FLIGHT NUMBERS 5 / 5 / 0 / 2

From Lone Star:

Delta plastic is a very unique blend, coming in two variants: Delta 1 and Delta 2, both of which are stiffer than our Victor plastic. Due to the rigidity of this Delta plastic, these discs are inclined to break in at a faster rate, which is comparable to other companies' base plastic blends. Delta 2 is stiffer than Delta 1, and while both plastics are incredibly stiff, neither plastic has the specific gravity required to float like our Victor plastic blends.

From Maverick DG:

Delta 1 Has a semi-rigid rim, but semi-flexible plate.