About Maverick Disc Golf

Maverick DG started in 2015.  Originally we were a disc golf tournament promoter focusing on running PDGA events within a 100 mile radius of Lawrence, KS in northeast Kansas.  For the last couple years we have also increased our online sales presence.  In February 2022 we are opening a physical store front located at 600 East Santa Fe St., Ste C, Olathe, KS 66061.

For me personally, Rob Martin, I bought my very first disc golf discs in 1987.  They were a Discraft Cruiser and Lightning F-15 Eagle.  I didn't realize the significance at the time, but Tourist Park in Cedar Falls, IA (my first 'home course') was one of the earliest courses installed in the U.S.  It currently is in the top 10 oldest courses still in the ground.  Ed Headrick, the godfather of disc golf designed the course.  I bought those first two golf discs out of a car trunk like many golfers way back when.  Yes, I still have them but they are retired.

I was 17 when I bought those first two discs, and then didn't play disc golf again for 17 more years until I moved to Lawrence, KS in 2004.  A new friend I made in Lawrence invited me to play disc golf and I still had my original discs packed away in boxes.  From 2004 to 2009 I played infrequetly, maybe once per month if I was lucky.  At the very end of 2009 I had a career change which allowed me to play much more frequently and finally in 2011 I started to play in non-sanctioned tournaments and sanctioned PDGA tournaments in 2012.  My disc golf experience has been a very slow burn.

There are two aspects I love about disc golf.  While I'm still very much an Intermediate level player, I really enjoy playing in organized (i.e. sanctioned) tournaments.  I also enjoy playing new courses.  Because my own family is spread out from Washington state to South Dakota to North Carolina, I travel a lot.  As of January 2022 I've played 301 courses in 39 states in 1 Canadian province.

Thank you for visiting Maverick Disc Golf's store.

Rob Martin
PDGA #51540