Gateway Super Soft 2S Hemp Wizard - air dude

Gateway Super Soft 2S Hemp Wizard - air dude

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Gateway SS Wizard

Flight Numbers: 2 | 3 | 0 | 2

This remains our most popular disc of any kind!

The Wizard is a true, stable workhorse putter. It holds whatever line you throw it on with very little fade during its drop. It also works as a great putter in windy conditions and handles controlled power very well. This makes it an excellent choice off the tee for mid-range drives in addition to upshots.

A very consistent and accurate disc that should find its way into your bag.


The 2S or SS putt & approach discs are slightly stiff in the rim and pliable in the flight plate. These discs flex in half at 14-18 lbs of pressure and cover a wide range of putting styles and are still firm enough to be used for driving and lay up shots.

Hemp blends come in SureGrip and DIAMOND. Diamond Hemp discs are slightly firmer in the rim but the flight plate remains pliable. Hemp increases structural stability and produces a grittier surface that feels great especially in wet conditions.